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Ballet Austin is the 11th largest classical ballet company in the country.


This company is not solely dedicated to classical dance, for it also welcomes all kinds of nontraditional dance forms and the unique variety of people that come with it. Ballet Austin's brand desires to demonstrate this all encompassing embrace with its audience but cannot do so as the brand stands.


A bold and fresh rebranding with the audience in mind (which includes the Austin community that Ballet Austin is stationed in), new web and mobile designs, and a branded poster series are needed to promote the multifaceted nature of Ballet Austin. 

The tagline, "Disrupting the Balance" works appropriately with this rebranding.



Inspiration for the Ballet Austin logo was drawn from the architecture of their building. By simplifying the building into four dynamic shapes, a logo emerged, creating motion and movement within the mark. The four shapes are also used to represent the four categories within Ballet Austin: The Academy, Dance & Fitness, The Community, and Ballet Austin Two.