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Sponsored by the Amala Foundation, The Summit is a week-long leadership conference held in Austin for local and international teenagers aged 14 - 17 years old.

Co-designer: Kelly Hinnen


This conference is in need of branding—a youthful and fresh identity and advertising campaign that will resonate well with its demographic.


A new identity, posters, unique monthly zines, and a registration kit for the conference are in order. All of which will carry forth experimental and risographic influences. 



What exactly is The Summit?

The Summit unites 80+ teenagers (ages 14 - 17) from over 25 countries. The primary focus is to shape the next generation of leaders through enriching activities and the exposure of people and cultures different from their own. The activities and overarching themes of the conference are centered on personal growth, healing, leadership skills, and community building.


What is The Amala Foundation?

The Amala Foundation, which hosts The Summit conference, has offered over 6,000 youths unique Social Emotional Learning (SEL) programs and cross-cultural connections aimed at providing a solid foundation for the next generation of leaders.

To learn more about The Amala Foundation and the programs they offer, visit their website at

To view the inspiration board, click here.



Following the researching phase, I created thumbnails, sketches, and digital mockups of the collateral. 



The Summit refers to physically and mentally overcoming a summit. A badge-like trademark featuring simplistic line work was selected to unify the event goers and the event itself under a single community—much like that of a camp or any other youth organization. The use of untraditionally used colors for a youth organization provides an energetic voice that does not dissuade both boys or girls of this generation, as we learned in our research phase, despite the use of a traditionally feminine color.


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printed deliverables



Front side 

Back side

Monthly zines feature a past participant of The Summit, facts and statistics, and an overall theme encouraging the user to take action on a cause.

The zine, also known as "Sum it Up," retains a simple design on the back which can be pinned onto a wall, like a poster. The interactivity of pulling open and closing the folded zine gives it more value than a simple brochure.


Each monthly zine comes equipped with a sticker set that features icons and other imagery pulled straight from that edition.




Registration Kit

A registration kit ships out to each attendee of The Summit a week in advance to the event, and includes a t-shirt, journal, branded pen and pencil, and a wristband.


Wristbands not only echo the same feel that a festival wristband does, but they include the first name of the wearer for identification purposes.