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Claire Boucher, a.k.a Grimes, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, artist, record producer, and video director. 



More exposure of Grimes is needed to help expand her audience and give her more exposure.


A special edition of quality promotional materials and vinyl will spark interest towards Grimes and her musical and artistic creations. "ROSE // edition" was created under a rosy theme that represents her passion and growth as an artist.

An interactive zine, vinyl featuring some of her top hits, and concert tickets will supply a unique system to those curious about Grimes.



Who is she?

Claire Boucher, a.k.a. Grimes, is a Canadian singer, songwriter, artist, record producer and music video director. Grimes is a source of admiration in regards to not only her music, but her fashion, artwork, and overall individuality. 

Albums include Art AngelsVisions, Darkbloom, Halfaxa, and Geidi Primes.

Click here to see the Art Angels album art that Grimes created within the header of her Tumblr page.


Design thoughts

Content of the zine should include an interview over Claire’s work and her personas that she portrays through her music videos, a magazine that she was featured in, her artwork, and possibly info covering cinematography from her music videos.

Overall design would reflect the experimental, edgy and graphic style that Grimes emits. It might also derive from her interests in video games and anime. Hand-rendered type should be paired with complimentary typefaces and bold color.

Link to a small inspiration Pinterest board here.



Hand-rendered type for the logo gives Grimes an overall "rough around the edges" kind of feel.



The container of the cards is designed to be too nice to toss out. It showcases the cards in a manner that makes the overall package feel like a collector's item.


Package research

Packaging inspiration was pulled from Grimes' interests, such as anime and video games (Legend of Zelda is her favorite). 



The promotional zine comes in the form of packaged flash cards in order to provide a unique and interactive experience. The backside of the cards feature artwork designed by Claire while the other side reveals more information about her.


First four cards in the deck, front and back. ^


...and the last 4 cards. The last card changes depending on the edition of the zine.


SKETCHES and Resources


Some photos of her work from a gallery are shown above—a few of which are featured on the backside of the cards.



Vinyl features a selection of Grime's popular songs via a simple yet consistent and bold design.



What is a branded system for a musician without its concert tickets? Imagery and color carry over from the zine and vinyl to the tickets, as well as the use of hand-rendered type that is reminiscent of that of the logo.