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Font Metrics Guide

       Font Metrics Guide

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The Bachelor's in Fine Arts program in Communication Design for Texas State University is a curriculum that provides advance studies within communication design.


The B.F.A. program needs a tastefully designed book and effective means of promoting a font metrics guide book. 


A metrics guide book consisting of 50 compared and analyzed typefaces, eye-catching design, informative and clean layouts, and appropriate collateral.



A fun yet calculated approach was taken towards the branding of the book. The typeface Ossem paired with the gradient of blues and greens work hand in hand with the overall logo.





Each spread analyzes and compares one of 50 typefaces with the Jenson Pro typeface. Some of the compared characteristics include:

  • line lengths (at 10pt)
  • cap height
  • x-height
  • ascenders
  • descenders
  • stem weight (% of the x-height)

To make comparing the typefaces more interactive, a transparent "bookmark" with the Jenson Pro typeface printed on it is supplied at the beginning of each book copy. The user can simply line up the baselines of the typefaces (which are represented with the letters H, e, x, p, and h) and make their comparisons from there.






A functioning token such as an actual branded bookmark will leave a memorable impression on the consumer.



A fresh book design and fun bookmarks are not enough to get the attention of type enthusiasts alone, so a poster that is reminiscent of the book's design will provide some aid.

These posters would be posted in areas that creatives like to wander, including parts of the Austin area.

Street Billboard PSD MockUp.jpg

The poster in action.