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Amoda Tea is a brand focused on simplifying the connection between tea lovers and unique independent tea brewers across the nation.


Although Amoda Tea provides a number of helpful tea-based services to their clients, their brand appears lackluster. A social media presence on multiple platforms has helped to broaden Amoda Tea’s audience and could expand even further if their services reach outside of North America.


Found under Amoda Tea’s Wellness Collection description, “amoda” means “joy, happiness, peace, and serenity.” A fresh re-branding in support of this through identity, tagline, expansion of the audience, and redesign of packaging will greatly aid Amoda Tea with their future successes.



The new trademark incorporates sanskrit (which spells out “amoda tea”), the lotus, bold color, and clean line work to form an elegant yet impressionable seal. Staying true to the message, Amoda Tea’s tagline now both directly reflects amoda’s definition as well as the culture that surrounds its identity.



Strategic Planning

The current branding of Amoda Tea is reminiscent of nature and other organic forms, but it fails to clearly represent Amoda Tea in full. Their brand should appear professional and utilize colors, type, and imagery to better represent their core values. 

A strong and fresh re-branding of the identity, a new tagline, and an expanded audience will allow Amoda Tea to achieve success. Personas, a SWOT analysis, and an empathy chart will help to transform this brand.



Personas are characters created to evoke qualities similar to that of a company’s audience. This helps the company to better understand how they can adapt their service or product to their audience.


SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis helps to define a brand’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.


Empathy chart

An empathy chart is used to recreate the perspective of potential customers that a company may provide their services to. The chart helps us to better understand the audience as well as assures a stronger channel of communication through both the product, user interface, and social media.



To compliment the organic nature of the tea, the redesigned packaging includes recycled cardboard containers and labels colored according to the type of tea.



Logo and package exploration was inspired by cultural influences that can be drawn from the word "amoda," which means joy, happiness, peace, and serenity. 


Paper system

Paper system includes lotus imagery, which is faded on the letter paper and the envelope to appear less distracting. The logo is more prominent and the color more rich on the business card in order to leave a stronger impression. 



The t-shirt consists of the logo blown up on the back to act as a powerful focal point (better to be “back-heavy” than “front-heavy”) with a simple and clean lotus embellishment on the front.


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